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Some Client Comments

"I would like to express my thanks to you.  Since our initial meeting, my career goals have been put 'back on path' due to your ability to make me see what I have done (career wise).  Within a 3 to 4 month period I had eleven (yes 11) interviews, six of which I returned for a second round, and four from which I received an offer. Prior to our meeting, I had distributed over 500 rÈsumÈs for job postings and received only one interview.  I think Best Career Services has a very successful approach to helping people with their careers and would say those who do not utilize your service are already at a disadvantage to those of us who have."

J.S., Manufacturing Engineer

"Exciting news! I have just accepted a senior marketing position that should offer me greater opportunity for professional growth. Your assistance played a key role.  I never felt pressured by you to move forward or to purchase any of your services.  I did so enthusiastically because I recognized the value you offer.  A rÈsumÈ and a job search are too important to be left solely in the hands of the inexperienced amateur (which describes most executives).  Thanks again for all your help and advice."

N.B., Marketing Director

"I'm happy to report that I have accepted a new position where the salary and benefits are a marked improvement. My resume generated several interesting interviews. Thank you for your great work."

 L.Z., Executive Assistant

"In reflecting on my particular job search, it is obvious that your professional efforts and ability played a significant part in its success.  In the letters of reply [to company mailing] there were a number of comments such as 'impressive,' 'excellent,' 'extensive,' 'varied and interesting.'  I feel very strongly that these positive reactions were due to the manner in which you presented the material and organized it for maximum impact. I would certainly recommend your services to anyone who is interested in having their career presented in a positive and unique manner."

D.V.R., General Manager


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